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The Source: Developments Around World Heritage Sites Coming

Aug 17, 2015


Now that the San Antonio Missions are a World Heritage Site, big money is predicted to flow into the community in the form of tourism. The sites, some of which sit in low-income communities, could provide a spark to the neighborhoods and revitalizing these areas. Already the Archidiocese of San Antonio has leased the land behind Mission Concepcion to a developer to build apartments. 

A plan to sell property adjacent to Mission San Jose for an apartment complex has been floated has received big pushback from the neighborhood association.  Many are worried about the quality of the developments, how future developments will affect the view of the Missions and establishing a bad precedent for the future.

What is at stake, and how does the city ensure this is done right?


  • Rebecca Viagran, San Antonio City Council Member for District 3
  • Shanon Shea Miller, Director of the Office of Historic Preservation
  • Fr. David Garcia, Director of the Old Spanish Missions of San Antonio