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The Source: A City Budget | Raising Kids To Compete

Sep 17, 2013

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As city leaders looked at a $50 million shortfall the City of San Antonio's draft budget, cuts to library hours and park maintenance were on the table. The ad valorem tax on property, where the city raises much of its funds, has remained flat since 2009 while property valuations have resulted in more money for city coffers.

Community organizations protested and city councilors responded.

City Manager Sheryl Sculley proposed raising the monthly environmental fee by $1, which raised the funds necessary to restore funding to the library and parks and also to assorted police programs. Sculley joins us to talk about the budget, and how the money is used.

In the second segment:

2013 Princeton Review's "College Hopes and Worries" survey
Credit The Princeton Review

Tiger moms, raising competitive kids and the drive for that big college admission weigh heavily on some.  Every year The Princeton Review puts out its "College Hopes and Worries" survey.  More than 65 percent of the nearly 20,000 respondents were worried about their (or their child's) college admissions.  

In her new book, "Playing to Win: Raising Children in a Competitive Culture," Hilary Friedman Levey Levey Friedman uses her research following 95 families with elementary-school-aged children to find out what this competition means to parents and kids, their motivations, hopes and worries.

Friedman Levey Levey Friedman joins us to talk about her work and about the push to excel early for kids.

  • Hilary Friedman Levey Levey Friedman has a public reading of her book Sept. 22 at Barnes and Noble here in San Antonio

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