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Slab Cinema's Wes Anderson Film Festival Starts Friday

May 30, 2018

A new film festival will celebrate and highlight the work of one of the state's most ambitious filmmakers.

Slab Cinema will show the works of Wes Anderson, the Texas-based director from Houston.

"We're big fans of his movies, so we wanted to collect them all together and show them over a two month span," said Rick Martinez of Slab Cinema.

Anderson's films consistently feature unusual locations, art direction, dialogue and story lines, but Martinez said what really makes Anderson stand out as a director is that "all of his films have really strong characters in them.”


What: Wes Anderson Film Festival

Where: The Monty

When: Friday at dark

Cost: Free

Unlike most films at movie festivals, these will be projected on a screen under the stars.

"We've tried to match them up with places that work with the movie, so ‘Rushmore’ is a movie about a school, so we're showing that at San Antonio College. ‘Darjeeling Limited’ is a train film, and that's going to be on the Hays Street Bridge. And we're doing ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, so they kind of match the venue with the content," he said.

Also unlike most movie festivals, this one is free. The first film shows Friday at The Monty in Southtown. The series continues through Aug. 7.


June 1 - "Bottle Rocket," Monty + Ivy Hall

June 7 -  "Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou," McNay Museum

June 15 - "Grand Budapest Hotel," San Antonio Museum of Art

June 29 - "Moonrise Kingdom," San Antonio Botanical Garden

July 6 - "Darjeeling Limited," Hays Street Bridge

July 14 - "Isle of Dogs," Hemisfair Park

July 27 - "Royal Tenenbaums," San Antonio Museum of Art

Aug. 3 - "Rushmore," San Antonio College

Aug. 7 - "Fantastic Mr. Fox," Travis Park

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