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San Antonio's New Mobility Officer Aims To Improve The Pedestrian Experience

Aug 28, 2019

Approximately 75,000 people in San Antonio don't use a personal vehicle to get around town, and pedestrians are particularly vulnerable on city streets. What's being done to improve pedestrian and micromobility experiences?

Forty-nine San Antonio pedestrians lost their lives in 2018, up from 44 in 2017, and there were 25 pedestrian deaths in 2019 as of June 6. Two high-profile cyclist deaths earlier this year renewed calls for increased bike safety measures. Numerous issues have been raised about e-scooters, including how their improper use can negatively affect mobility for individuals with disabilities.

On June 1, Timothy Hayes became the City of San Antonio’s first Pedestrian Mobility Officer -- a position specifically dedicated to meeting the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists and bus riders.

What is the current pedestrian experience in San Antonio? What are the PMO's chief responsibilities and how does he plan to improve the status quo? How will he measure success?

Is it possible to achieve zero fatalities on San Antonio roadways? What role does infrastructure play? How could a Pedestrian Mobility Master Plan help with issues of safety and accessibility?

Why are there parts of San Antonio where pedestrian safety is more of an issue? What can be done to ensure all residents can safely and effectively get around town, regardless of the mode of transportation?

Guest: Timothy Hayes, pedestrian mobility officer for the City of San Antonio

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*This interview was recorded on Thursday, August 29.