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San Antonio Symphony Performs "Bolero" And More

Jul 29, 2013

Maurice Ravel was somewhat ambivalent about his "Bolero," calling it "18 minutes of orchestra, with no music." But "Bolero," with its hypnotic rhythm, stands as one of the best-loved, most interesting studies of orchestra color and musical acoustics ever composed.

The show this week also includes Spanish music from both Ravel and Manuel de Falla, and impressionistic pictures for orchestra by Claude Debussy. It's music from both sides of the Pyranees on this week's "San Antonio Symphony" broadcast.

This week’s program:

August 10, 7:00 p.m. BOLERO

Sebastian Lang-Lessing, conductor and Martina Filjak, piano
San Antonio Symphony Mastersingers Women, John Silantien, dir.
Maurice Ravel: "Rhapsodie Espagnole"
Manuel de Falla: "Nights in the Gardens of Spain"
Claude Debussy: "Nocturnes"
Maurice Ravel: "Bolero"

Sebastian Lang-Lessing talks about the program in the below video: