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San Antonio Seeks Compromise On Short-Term Rentals

Feb 23, 2018

Online short-term rental services (STRs) are an increasingly popular alternative to hotels and other vacation lodging options worldwide. This evolution faces countless questions regarding regulation and property rights that have yet to be answered. 

The website AirDNA estimates that there are at least 2,000 active rental properties in San Antonio operating through companies like Airbnb and Austin-based Homeaway.

In the last year, a community task force has considered how a new ordinance could streamline the relationship between local government, neighborhoods and "hosts" – San Antonio residents who put their homes up for rent. 

San Antonio City Council has yet to make a decision on the proposed regulations. Some neighborhoods are raising concerns about how "whole house" rentals or properties where owners do not live on site could undermine the area's property value and fabric of the community. 

How does the city's hotel occupancy tax factor into the issue of short-term rentals? 

Where is the balance between an innovative economy, property rights and public safety? 


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