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San Antonio Food Culture Drives Future As UNESCO 'Creative City'

Dec 5, 2018

Historically, San Antonio's culinary scene has been firmly planted in blends of Tex-Mex, but has now progressed to "Tex-Next." How can an international distinction change the future of food in the area? 

San Antonio World Heritage Office director Colleen Swain, Pharm Table chef Elizabeth Johnson, Texas poet laureate Carmen Tafolla, and the Express-News' Paul Stephen speak on "The Source." 

The United Nations named San Antonio as a Creative City of Gastronomy under its Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) last year.

While it's only the second city in the United States to earn the designation, this distinction brings San Antonio into a worldwide network of localities recognized for their "rich culinary heritage" and commitment to community.

From growing a healthy food ecosystem to cultivating a creative gastro-economy, how can San Antonio continue to develop its robust food culture in sustainable ways?

How can native ingredients, family traditions and local history be honored in new efforts to invigorate the city's culinary landscape?

What does more investment in the culinary scene mean for the local food movement and preserving the flavors of San Antonio?


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This interview aired on Thursday, December 6, 2018.