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San Antonio Conference Teaches Writing For 'The New Century'

Jul 16, 2018

Storytelling can not only shape one's exploration of self, but also help others navigate a more complex and fast-paced modern landscape. 

For writers and creatives, it can be challenging to tap into the social and political consciousness of 21st century audiences.

San Antonio’s literary arts center Gemini Ink is hosting a 3-day writers conference to take on this puzzle through workshops, readings, and panel presentations with award-winning authors sourced locally and internationally. 

How can the literary arts be a catalyst for change in contemporary American society? In what ways can writing bridge gaps and educate people beyond borders?

The Gemini Ink Writers Conference is scheduled for July 20 to 22 at the El Tropicano Hotel. Click here for more information. 


  • Alexandra van de Kamp, interim executive director of Gemini Ink and director of the Writers Conference
  • Amanda Ireta-Goode, development director of Gemini Ink
  • Anel Flores, community activist, writer, educator and artist; featured author at the Writers Conference

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