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Poached Alligator Identified As Southeast Texas Man’s Killer

Jul 7, 2015

Tommie Woodward was the only fatality after an attack by an American alligator this decade in the United States. Alligators, generally, are reportedly wary of attacking humans unless provoked.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

ORANGE, Texas — An 11-foot, 400-pound alligator game officials say was shot and killed without a permit has been identified as the beast that killed a late-night swimmer at a Southeast Texas marina.

Texas game officials say the alligator was shot in the head and killed Monday afternoon in Adams Bayou in Orange, near where Tommie Woodward’s maimed body was found early Friday.

Justice of the Peace Rodney Price of Orange County Precinct 4 said remains found inside the carcass were identified as those of the 28-year-old Orange man.

An autopsy determined Woodward died by drowning but lost his left arm below the elbow in the attack.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officers had been searching for the alligator since the fatal attack.