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'Philanthropy' Is A Fancy Word For Giving Back To What You Love

Mar 14, 2018

At least 30 percent of not-for-profit organizations surveyed locally reported fiscal stress in the last year.

The State of the Non-Profit Sector report, released early this year, is the first of its kind in the San Antonio area and aims to provide a "snapshot" of the groups working to make a positive impact in the community.

From providing services to maintaining staff and organizing events, non-profit organizations rely on civic engagement, volunteership and monetary donations to meet their respective goals. 

What funding challenges do local non-profits face and how can education help their mission? 

What is "philanthropy" and how else can it be expressed? What opportunities are available for people to give back to the San Antonio community and how can you get involved? 

 Click here for more information on The Big Give SA on March 22.


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