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Our Hosts Enter A Fiesta Food Coma

Apr 16, 2018

In this episode of TPR’s official* Fiesta podcast, hosts Asia Ciaravino and Angela McClendon Johnson spin the “Wheel of Fiesta Foods” and reminisce with watered mouth about their favorite snacks.

Then Robby Turner talks about the San Antonio Zulu Association’s “Taste of New Orleans,” and chef Vida Floyd of Jewell’s Catering brings her signature gumbo to TPR studios for Asia and Angela, dishes on all things Cajun food, and shares this essential Fiesta tip for good eating: Don’t wear lipstick. You too, guys.

Delicious gumbo by Jewell's Catering
Credit Nathan Cone / Texas Public Radio


If Fiesta is San Antonio’s “party with a purpose,” then consuming large amounts of portable food is just behind helping charities when it comes to defining just what that purpose is.

From corn-in-a-cup to chicken-on-a-stick, San Antonians love to scarf down Fiesta food — and think about the after-effects later, hopefully at the gym.

Plus, since San Antonio is all about tacos and gorditas (and Fiesta is no exception), we turn the tables on Fiesta food tradition with a visit from two friends involved with one of our favorite out-of-state inspired events, the San Antonio Zulu Association’s “Taste of New Orleans.”

*[not like Fiesta official, but you know, TPR official]

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