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Leonard Nimoy and Frederic Chopin?

Dec 28, 2012

When I sit back and think upon my youth my thoughts often turn to television; I am an American after all. One program that gripped me in those days was "In Search of…" where Leonard Nimoy would explore various topics; everything from Bigfoot to the mysterious underwater monoliths thought to be the foundations of Atlantis.

Frederic Chopin would have been a great topic for "In Search of.."; he was one of the most fascinating pianists of the 19th century. Chopin didn't leave many good students and the rubato that defined his style of playing was certainly mysterious to those that heard it. However, Chopin died before the advent of recording technology... or did he?

"In Search of Chopin" this Sunday on The Piano; a look at Chopin's style of playing his own music. Hear it on KPAC and KTXI in the Hill Country.