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How To Buy A Home In San Antonio

Jul 16, 2019

The idea of buying a house is exciting but daunting. Whether purchasing a first home or a forever home, wrong choices can be costly. What should future homebuyers know and to

make the process manageable and be confident about important decisions?



Television shows about homebuying make it seem like the job can be done in a matter of days when in reality, it can take years. It can be complicated and stressful. A number of steps are involved, including: 

  • qualifying for a mortgage;
  • buying home insurance;
  • finding the right realtor;
  • shopping for homes;
  • weighing options like renovating a home versus buying a turnkey home;
  • the inspection process;
  • negotiating with sellers;
  • choosing a mortage;
  • the appraisal process;
  • a lot of paperwork;
  • and finally, closing the sale.

When buying a house, you're making a long-term commitment and spending a lot of money. What should individuals and families consider beforehand? What can future homebuyers do to prepare?

What are some best practices for first-time homebuyers? What mistakes are most common and how can they be avoided?

What is the current state of San Antonio's real estate market? What local resources are available to help future homebuyers make the right decision?


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*This interview was recorded on Wednesday, July 17 .