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Health Care Policy Proposals, Explained

Aug 19, 2019

Health care is a top issue for voters and continues to be a prominent talking point for politicians. What are the basic tenets of various health care policies and proposed changes to the status quo?

Presidential candidates are using different buzzwords in drafts of lengthy policy plans. What do these proposals entail, how do they differ and what so they have in common? What does it mean when we talk about ideas like Medicare-for-all, a public option, universal coverage, single payer, short-term plans and market-based coverage?

What happens if you ban private health insurance? What are the various funding models for health care plans? If the Affordable Care Act is repealed, what are the options that have been proposed to replace it?

If any of the proposed policies are implemented, how would they affect the economy, insurance premiums, individuals with pre-existing conditions, people with insurance through their employer, and medical professionals?

What do you need to know as the debate over health care continues?


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*This interview was recorded on Tuesday, August 20.