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He Wanted To Dance... So He Started A Big Band

Mar 29, 2019

Brooks Prumo became a musician because he wanted to dance. Specifically, he loved swing dancing, and didn’t know any big bands in Austin who were playing the songs he wanted to dance to, so he started one.

He took the guitar that had been sitting mostly idle since middle school and started noodling around. “Little by little I learned enough to read some songs, and play some music,” Prumo explained on stage at Jazz, TX.

Ten years later, the Brooks Prumo Orchestra’s swinging sounds can be heard up and down I-35, in Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas. Their first album, “Pass the Bounce,” was recorded live in the studio.

This set, recorded live at Jazz, TX, features special guest Emily Gimble. You can hear it Saturday night at 7:00 on Texas Public Radio, or preview the show now in the link below.