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Game Mode: Composer Inon Zur

Jul 16, 2019

“Fallout.” “Dragon Age.” “Prince of Persia.”

Behind these otherworldly games are intricate, otherwordly soundtracks. And behind those soundtracks is Emmy Award-winning composer Inon Zur.

Zur has been composing video game music for over 20 years.

He told Laced Records about the intent behind his work:

When I’m writing a song it’s always telling a story — whether it has lyrics or not. The most important thing is to create a melody that listeners are able to hone in on. With ‘Into The Storm,’ I wanted to share the story of each song with listeners, and if they feel that they’re being drawn to it then I’ll have succeeded.

We talk with Zur about his work and the evolution of video game composition.

Show produced by Kathryn Fink.


Inon Zur, Emmy Award-winning composer, “Fallout,” “Dragon Age,” “Prince of Persia” and more; @InonZur

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