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On Fronteras: Central American Minors Headed To U.S., TX Jewish History

Dec 4, 2015

Two members of the Mara Salvatrucha gang - an organized crime group founded by Salvadorans in California - inside a jail in El Salvador. New statistics show that more Salvadorans are fleeing violence which is driven in large measure today by gang warfare.
Credit Lorne Mataon / Marfa Public Radio

Numbers Up For Central American Minors Trying To Enter U.S.

In the summer of 2014, more than 100,000 Central American children and families were caught trying to enter the US illegally. Those numbers fell after the US asked Mexico to strengthen its southern border. But now there are concerns over the possibility of a renewed surge.

Newly-released numbers from the Department of Homeland Security show that this past October, the number of unaccompanied minors from Central America almost doubled compared to the year before. Why the resurgence and what can the US do about it? Lorne Matalon of Marfa Public Radio has a two-part special report updating Central American migration from El Salvador.

U.S. Efforts Failing To Keep Central Americans At Home

The United States is spending millions on Public Relations and aid programs to convince Central Americans to stay where they are.  But the PR campaign does not appear to be working. Lorne Matalon of Marfa Public Radio continues his special report from El Salvador.

Dallas Plan Commissioner Kicked Off Virgin America Flight

An airline incident has some immigrant organizations talking and wondering.  Last Monday, Dallas city plan commissioner and attorney Bobby Abtahi was kicked off a Virgin America flight from New York to Dallas.  The attorney sent a text to the Dallas newspaper saying, “a gate agent pulled him aside and said the crew did not feel comfortable having him on the flight.”  The story from KERA’s Christopher Connelly. 

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Officer And Teen Learn From Each Other

Sometimes, teenagers who get in trouble can get the wrong impression about police officers.  In Houston, there’s a program that puts students and officers together to learn about each other.  And, it’s changing attitudes on both sides.  Laura Isensee of Houston Public Media introduces us to a student and a cop who recently learned quite a bit from each other.  

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As Jews Celebrate Hanukkah, A Look At Texas Jewish History

On Sunday evening, the Jewish festival of lights, Chanukah, begins.  The holiday, which is spelled several ways, commemorates the rededication of the Holy Temple and honors the time when a one day supply of oil lit the temple candle holder, called a menorah, for eight days.  Jewish scriptures are recorded on scrolls called the Torah.  And, one Austin community now has two historic ones.  The scrolls – along with a 19th century synagogue – came from a disappearing Jewish community in Brenham, Texas. KUT’s Veronica Zaragovia  has more on the history of Judaism in Texas.

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