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District 2 Senior Center Celebrates Much Needed Expansion

Oct 30, 2014

The District 2 Senior Center celebrated an expansion that allows residents opportunity to do more activities.
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This week, city leaders got together with residents in District 2, to celebrate the expansion of a senior center on the east side of town. The center, located on W.W. White Road near Rigsby, has been open for a few years. But it had outgrown its location very quickly, and has now also taken over the office next door.

That’s a good problem to have, said center administrator Cis Tavie Brooks. She said the added room allowed seniors to exercise and take up programs like computer learning. In addition, it provided seniors with a way to socialize, enjoy a meal, and keep their minds sharp in a way that they might not otherwise get.

“It is a proven fact that we’re able to extend life because we give life, and when you have that energy that comes from others around you. We have those that have recovered from cancer, various illnesses, depression,” said Brooks. “Especially when you talk about the loss of a loved one. The best thing you can do a lot of times … we think about just staying at home, but just come out, spend a little bit of time [here],” she said.

San Antonio operates seven senior centers, with dozens of nutrition centers also scattered throughout the city.