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Dare To Listen: Three Wise Guys & A Gal

Oct 31, 2016

Differences between religious beliefs are often all too apparent. But what can people of different faiths agree on? What ideas might bring them together? 

In this hour-long conversation, four San Antonio faith leaders share their experiences finding common purpose with people outside of their own religions. A local rabbi, priest, imam and pastor discuss challenges to interfaith dialogue, explain why it's important to their ministry and point to San Antonio issues that a multi-faith coalition could help solve. 



  • Rev. Otis Mitchell, Mount Zion Baptist Church
  • Rabbi Mara Nathan, Temple Beth-El
  • Father Dennis Aréchiga, St. Matthew Catholic Church
  • Imam Beytullah Çolak, Islamic Institute SW, San Antonio

Moderator: Aaron Schrank, TPR