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Dancewicz-Doucet Duo To Perform In Boerne's Cave Without A Name

Aug 23, 2018

A classical music duo is putting on an adventurous concert in Boerne next week.


They are the Dancewicz-Doucet Duo, and what makes the concert an adventure is that it will be held 100 feet down within a limestone cave.

"We are coming to perform for the first time at the Cave Without a Name," said violinist Dominika Dancewicz.

She played the cave with her other band, The Axiom String Quartet, and said the acoustics are striking.


WHAT: Dancewicz-Doucet Duo concert

WHERE: Cave Without a Name, Boerne

WHEN: 7:30 p.m., Sept. 1

COST:  $30 advance, $35 at the door


"It's really (an) incredible pleasure and a very unique experience,” she said. “It carries, but also it creates a sense of warmth that is very rare in regular halls. So we have (been) really looking forward to exploring that."

The violin and piano duo plays primarily classical — Baroque music and sonatas by  Beethoven, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Brahms — but with a twist.

“Also, we select a lot of pieces written by women," Dancewicz said.

Donald Doucet and Dominika Dancewicz
Credit Mark Chen / Contributed Photo

She and pianist Donald Doucet will also stretch into some other areas.

“Donald loves jazz. He makes fantastic arrangements, and we are going to do ‘Stardust’ by a Hoagie Carmichael,” she said. “And we also have a song by John Lennon ‘In My Life’ that we love. We really try to be as diverse as possible."

Dancewicz is anticipating a great combination of music, people, and natural setting.

"This is a special situation, and because it's so special and unique we are really excited to do it," she said.

The concert will be held 122 steps down in the cave.

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