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City Councilman Proposes Pride Themed Rainbow Crosswalks On North Main Ave

Jun 23, 2017

Rainbow crosswalks could be coming to a portion of North Main Avenue.  A San Antonio city councilman is proposing the addition as the city’s LGBT community prepares for its Pride Month celebrations and parade.

North Main Ave is the heart of San Antonio’s LGBT community. There are several LGBT orientated bars, restaurants, and businesses and it’s where the annual Pride parade is held. Other cities – most recently Houston – have added rainbow-painted crosswalks to their own LGBT districts. District One City Councilman Roberto Trevino wants to see that here. He says it provides pedestrian safety and sends a message.

Main Avenue holds many of the city's LGBT bars. The crosswalk is proposed for Main and Evergreen.
Credit Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

“This is also just about showing our support and showing that we’re an inclusive and tolerant community,” Trevino says.

Trevino has filed a request to his council colleagues to add the rainbow crosswalks to the intersection of Evergreen and Main. Robert Salcido is the executive director of San Antonio’s Pride Center. He says the symbol of the rainbow flag and colors brings unity.

“It brings unity, it brings a sense of solidarity, not just within our LGBT community but our city as a whole. It will show that San Antonio is welcoming city to everybody,” Salcido says.

It’s unclear what the cost of the crosswalks would be or where the funding would come from but Salcido and Rosie Gonzelez, an attorney and LGBT activist, say they are prepared to privately fundraise.

“I think our community can come together to do that,” Gonzalez says.

Trevino currently has the support of council members Pelaez, Shaw, Saldana, and Sandoval.  It must first gain approval of a city council committee before going to a full council vote.

Pride San Antonio will hold the city's annual pride celebrations on July 1st. Trevino says the city has approved a temporary chalk version of the rainbow cross walk to be placed at the same intersection for the parade.

See full council consideration request below