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Catholics Answer 'Call To Action' On Social Justice Issues

Nov 7, 2018

From immigration to human rights to race-motivated hate, how are religiously-affiliated people responding to issues in America? A social justice movement among Catholics asks followers to be peacekeepers and troublemakers simultaneously. Faith leaders and scholars speak on "The Source." 

At over over 1 billion believers worldwide, Catholics make up the largest religious group under the umbrella of Christianity. In the United States, at least 20 percent of the population identify as Catholic. 

Over the last century, demographic changes in America have and continue to affect the church's ethnic diversity as its "cultural center" shifts south, according to the Public Religion Research Institute.

Pew Research findings suggest that many American Catholics support changes to traditional teachings and policies, including views on divorce and marriage for same-sex couples.

As social justice causes related to transparency, gender equality, LGBTQ visibility and civil rights come to the forefront of social consciousness, an increasing number of Catholics are building support for progressive efforts in the name of the church. 

This includes humanitarian response to the immigration crisis at the Texas border. Also, initiatives to cultivate leadership in youth "who live in the paradoxes of Catholic identity."

What role can today's Catholic church and other religious institutions have in weaving love and hope into public policy and personal devotion?

In what ways can faith communities encourage inclusiveness, diversity and dialogue during troubling times? 

The organization Call To Action is hosting its annual conference in San Antonio from November 9 to 11. Find more information here.



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This interview aired on Thursday, November 8, 2018.