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Cash, Credit, Cryptocurrency: How Do You Choose To Pay?

Jan 2, 2018

From Square and Venmo to Apple Pay and mobile apps custom-made by banks, there are numerous ways to exchange money or manage finances online and on-the-go. 

Ninety-four percent of consumers surveyed by the Federal Reserve in 2015 reported using a mobile phone to check an account balance or recent transactions, while 58 percent said they transferred money between accounts on a mobile phone. 

Are these digital technologies simply trends or do they have staying power? How are mobile apps and services making a long-term impact on how monetary transactions are made and monitored worldwide? 

Financial services that are accessible on smartphones appeal to seasoned investors and the unbanked as well. With so much personal information registered online, what are the potential security risks when making web-based transactions?     

What is cryptocurrency and how do these purely digital assets work? As payment methods evolve and diversify, what are the effects on personal finance and the global economy? 


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