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Bond Propositions 1, 2 & 6: Streets, Sidewalks, Flood Control, Housing In Focus

Apr 25, 2017

San Antonio citizens have the chance to vote early this week and can choose to check "for" or "against" boxes for six different bond propositions that would fund infrastructure projects throughout the city. The long term, low interest loan will not require an increase in the property tax rate.

The largest portion of the proposed $850 million bond is set aside for improvements on streets, bridges and sidewalks. Proposition 1 budgets a little over $445 million towards 64 projects on San Antonio streets, accounting for the addition of bicycle lanes, street lights and signage, among other changes to existing infrastructure.

Proposition 2 tackles the issue of drainage and flood control in San Antonio, allocating almost $139 million towards reconstructing storm drain systems and improving low water crossings across 19 projects in throughout the city.

Proposition 6 will be the city's first affordable housing bond. Twenty million dollars is set aside for neighborhood improvements, concentrated in 12 identified development areas. 

"The primary goal is to prepare sites for private sector development of single-family or multi-family workforce housing construction," notes the bond information guide.

How could projects in the 2017 bond package shape San Antonio's future? Can these proposed projects improve quality of life for the city's growing population?


Leave a voicemail at 210-615-8982 now with your questions about Proposition 3 (Parks, Recreation, Open Space Improvements,) Proposition 4 (Library and Culture Facilities) or Proposition 5 (Public Safety Facilities) and your message could air on the "The Source" tomorrow.