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Bicycling Survey To Help Plan SA's Future

Oct 28, 2015

Credit Eileen Pace / TPR News

More and more people are starting to ride bicycles in San Antonio and are riding greater distances.

For the past six months, San Antonio has been engaged in a big transportation planning effort, dubbed “SA Tomorrow.” Part of that includes routes for bicycling.

According to the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, there are a least 325,000 area residents who ride bicycles at least once a month. It’s also estimated that eleven percent of riders bike to work or school.

“We’re seeing an increase and hopefully through this updated study we will have a trend analysis to show how much it has increased since 2011,” said Terry Bellamy, Transportation and Capital Improvements Assistant Director.

To get feedback from riders, an online survey was launched this week at  It will be available until November 20. The survey takes about three to four minutes to complete. Results will be released in December.