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Worth Repeating: Jeremy Rode A Bull Without Training And Lived To Tell The Story

Pablo Navarro

Jeremy Jacob, once an adventurous college student, chose to ride a bull one day.

A punk rocker through and through, Jeremy lacked what he deemed the “necessary equipment” for bull riding like a cowboy hat, boots and a vest. These were items other bull riders seemed to have that day.

The “equipment” wasn’t necessary, what was mandatory was a dash of impulsivity, a brash audacious spirit and a $12 entry fee.

This story was recorded 10.1.19 at Brick as part of Texas Public Radio's live storytelling program Worth Repeating. If you have a story Worth Repeating email worthrepeating@tpr.org.

Paul Flahive can be reached at Paul@tpr.org
Dallas Williams is a Producer for The Source at Texas Public Radio. With a degree in Mass Communication — Broadcast Media, Dallas brings a unique perspective and a passion to producing a live, call-talk show.