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Worth Repeating: Patricia Is A Proud Romance Novelist

Oscar Moreno

We all want a little romance in our lives. Someone to keep us warm, someone to make us feel more alive. As this story tells us, there is one place that romance is still not respected--that's on the bookshelf.

Patricia Fischer has been dealing with the bias for years, and finally has something to say about it. Everybody wants the HEA (happily ever after), she says, so why all the hate? And when the genre makes billions of dollars a year, it begs the question, do some of you doth protest to much?

Hear her story of how she got into the romance novel biz, and why she lost her shame about it.

This story was recorded at Brick as part of Worth Repeating's "My Secret Life" show on 3.5.19. If you have a story, email WorthRepeating@tpr.org, or follow us on Twitter @wrepeating.

Paul Flahive can be reached at Paul@tpr.org