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Terrin Breaks The Cycle With Some Help From A Chimp Named Willie

Roberto Martinez

One time, Terrin Furman found himself in a romantic relationship just like the one in "The Godfather Part III," except without the weird, cousin-on-cousin action, terrible Sofia Coppola dialogue, or papal assassinations.

Okay, so it really only has the one thing in common with "Godfather Part III," which is when Michael Corleone says, “Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.” 

On one of the many breaks he and his girlfriend found themselves on, he was watching the 1980s Matthew Broderick film "Project X." And he thought to himself, "I wonder whatever happened to that chimp, and 'Project X' co-star, 'Virgil?'" 

Answering this simple and silly question changed his life. 

This story was recorded 11.13.18 at Brick as part of Worth Repeating's "Trapped" show. If you have a story Worth Repeating email it to us at WorthRepeating@tpr.org. 

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