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Getting honest about aging

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Image by Sabine van Erp from Pixabay

Have you noticed that print size is getting smaller, socks are made in a way that makes them harder to put on, and gravity has gotten stronger? Well, it could be possible that you are getting older and dealing with the consequences of aging.

Many of us don’t want to face the reality that the accumulation of years on this planet will eventually catch up to us and, therefore, are unprepared for the challenges of life as an older person.

You should be honest with yourself that physically, psychologically, functionally, and emotionally things are going to be different in the final decades of your lifespan.
But there is new research and evidence-based treatments for geriatrics.


Dr. Rosanne M. Leipzig is the author of “Honest Aging: An Insider's Guide to the Second Half of Life

Leipzig is a top doctor with more than 35 years of experience caring for older people. Honest Aging is an indispensable guide to the second half of life, describing what to expect physically, psychologically, functionally, and emotionally as you age.

Leipzig, an expert in evidence-based geriatrics, highlights how 80-year-olds differ from 60-year-olds and why knowing this is important for your health. With candor, humor, and empathy, this book will provide you with the knowledge and practical advice to optimize aging.

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*This interview will be recorded on Monday, June 5.

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