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Trump on CNN spreads lies to win GOP voters

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Former President Trump on CNN is given an unfilted platform to spread lies as he seeks the Republican nomination for President
CNN screen grab
Former President Donald Trump was given an unfiltered platform on CNN and spread lies as he seeks the Republican nomination for President.

Donald Trump returned to primetime CNN Wednesday night and showed America that the twice impeached former President remains an unrepentant threat to the nation’s democracy.

The townhall style format was populated with New Hampshire Republican voters, many of whom were supporters of Trump.

They gave him a standing ovation, frequent applause and laughter at many of his disturbing and insulting remarks.

“I like you guys,” Trump told the audience. And they apparently liked Trump’s twisting of reality.

Trump told lie after lie during the 90-minute program. He insisted that the presidential election was stolen from him, that he has a right to classified documents that he stole, dismissed the proven sexual assault against E. Jean Carroll, and called the January 6 storming of the Capitol “a beautiful day.”

Trump is the presumptive front runner for the Republican nomination for President. And despite his disgraceful performance on CNN, Trump remains the most likely challenger to President Joe Biden’s re-election bid.

What should Americans learn from the CNN platforming of Trump? Is Trump a clear and present danger to American democracy? How should the media treat a leading candidate for President who is a proven threat to the Constitution?

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