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El Paso's Climate Charter Flops

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“We all want clean air but Prop K won’t work.” That was the messaging from the well-funded foes of an El Paso movement to push the border city to address climate change.

Proposition K, also known as the Climate Charter, was defeated soundly, on Saturday after it went before El Paso voters.

More than 81 % of El Paso voters said “No” to the measure.

Supporters of Prop K sought to realign the city of El Paso’s climate and green energy goals. It set a target of 80% clean energy by 2030 and 100% by 2045. It would call on the city of El Paso to create a new climate department, produce climate impact statements for major city decisions and rethink local policy at all levels to cut greenhouse gas emissions. It would also require the city to explore buying El Paso Electric, which is a privately owned power utility that, according to its management, is not for sale.

Opponents to Prop K were organized and well-funded. They spread a message that Prop K would “kill” the local economy and raise prices for energy use.

Sunrise El Paso, Prop K backers, claimed this was fuel industry generated misinformation that they were unable to counter.


Martha Pskowski El Paso based reporter for Inside Climate News

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