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For foster youth often left behind, a new $4 million health care grant gives hope

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In July, a $4 million dollar grant was awarded to UT Health San Antonio School of Nursing to expand foster care health services.

Foster youth often need care that varies based on the race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity of the child. Foster youth and their families can sometimes have difficulty accessing adequate care.

What does this grant mean for foster children in the San Antonio area? What areas need the most financial support?

Are foster children automatically admitted? What is the quality of care? How does this system incorporate community-based care? How will the bigger issues in the state’s foster care system be addressed?


  • Karen Walker Schwab, Ph.D., APRN, associate professor/clinical, pediatric nurse practitioner and director of pediatric services for UT Health San Antonio’s School of Nursing’s Wellness 360 practice 
  • Tara Roussett, MBA, LCPAA, LCCA, CEO of SJRC Texas and of Belong, the organization’s community-based care division, current foster care partners with Wellness 360 of the UT Health San Antonio School of Nursing

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*This interview was recorded on Tuesday, January 31.

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