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Modesty laws under fire after young woman lost her life to them

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A protester raises her hand during a pro-reform demonstration in central Tehran
Stringer Iran/Reuters
EDITORS' NOTE: Reuters and other foreign media are subject to Iranian restrictions on their ability to film or take pictures in Tehran A protester raises her hand during a pro-reform demonstration in central Tehran July 9, 2009. Riot police fired in the air to disperse pro-reform demonstrators in central Tehran on Thursday, nearly four weeks after a disputed election triggered mass protests across Iran, a witness said. REUTERS/via Your View (IRAN CONFLICT POLITICS IMAGES OF THE DAY)

The death of Mahsa Amini has sparked outrage throughout Iran. The 22-year-old woman visited Tehran with her family in mid-September. Iran’s morality police detained her for violating the region’s conservative dress code requirements for women.

Amini’s family alleges that the morality police beat her to death. The government denies such claims. It explained that Amini died of a heart attack. These conflicting narratives and her death have resulted in widespread protests.

Will these protests lead to change? What are young Iranians asking for? Could this be the end of religious rule in Iran? How are young women protesting Amini’s death?

Guest: Rosa Rad, pro bono coordinator for the Immigration Justice Campaign at the American Immigration Council

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*This interview was recorded on Thursday, October 6

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