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Edwards Aquifer Authority: ‘Stage four water restrictions likely’

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Gazebo at Comal Springs.
Courtesy of the Edwards Aquifer Authority
Gazebo at Comal Springs.

Water levels at the Edwards Aquifer inch closer to 630 feet — the trigger point for stage four restrictions. High temperatures and little rainfall have caused the aquifer to drop significantly since the start of the year.

Counties that rely solely on the Edwards Aquifer for their water usage could see stringent usage rules if water levels continue to recede at the current rate.

The San Antonio Water System — Bexar County’s water supplier — relies on several water resources. SAWS has implemented their own use restrictions as well as tapped into other water inventory to prevent a drastic drop in the Edwards Aquifer.

The Edwards Aquifer Authority estimates that water levels will drop below 630 feet by August without significant rainfall.

What do stage four water restrictions look like? How do Edwards Aquifer levels impact SAWS?

How much rainfall is needed for the aquifer to rebound? Historically, how much water has the aquifer retained at this time of year?

Guest: Roland Ruiz, general manager of the Edwards Aquifer Authority

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*This interview was recorded on Monday, July 18.

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