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How Americans utilize church and state as a tool for power in democracy

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The American Flag flies over a steeple with the Christian Cross
Amanda Wayne/Getty Images/iStockphoto
The American Flag flies over a steeple with the Christian Cross

The Christian nationalist movement has had an enormous impact on political debates about everything from abortion to same-sex marriage throughout American history.

At one time, Evangelical Christiantity was the conservative pillar of American morality and values. The nation is much more diverse in viewpoints, religion, and political ideology as the years have progressed.

Conservative Christian values still hold a significant foothold in the American political and judicial landscape. With the Trump administration’s appointment of more than 200 federal judges — including three Supreme Court justices — the American judicial system will have a conservative tilt for decades to come.

President Trump’s ability to appoint a staggering number of judges in a single term was no fluke, but rather a concerted effort by the religious right and conservative leaders toreshape the federal judiciary.

How long has the Christian nationalist movement been around? Were the origins of the religious right movement tied to Roe v. Wade? How did the Christian right turn over the judiciary system? Is Christian nationalism a danger to American democracy?

Guests: Katherine Stewart, journalist and author of "The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism"

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*This interview was recorded on Wednesday, July 6.

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