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CPS begins new color-coded approach for conservation during expected peak demand season

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Thermostat, Home Energy Saving
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As temperatures continue to reach record highs this week, high energy usage will stress Texas’ energy grid as well as consumers’ pockets.

CPS Energy has launched a new color-coded approach to inform San Antonio residents about how to conserve energy during anticipated high temperatures throughout the summer.

In May, state power-grid leadership reassured Texans that the lights will stay on during the summer heat, but the early rise in temperatures has many concerned about the grid’s readiness to handle high demand.

What conservation tips does CPS recommend? What assistance resources exist for CPS Energy customers?

What assurances does the public have that the grid will not fail during the peak demand? What contingency plans exist in the event of the grid failing? What should Texans do to prepare for high energy usage days?


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*This interview was recorded on Thursday, June 9.

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