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FRONTLINE investigation shows how the fossil fuel industry impacted climate change

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As gas prices soar, fossil fuels may lead to disastrous outcomes. That’s according to the UN Environment Programme.

A new report shows the impact of climate change on the ecosystem, and the vulnerabilities to the natural world and humans.

Russell Gold is the supervising consultant for The Power of Big Oil a FRONTLINE documentary. He discusses FRONTLINE’s investigation on the role fossil fuels have played for decades, the industry’s early research on climate change, the efforts to stall climate policy and the lengths the fossil fuel industry took to delay the transition into renewable energy in a three-part series.

What did early research of climate change reveal? What does the fossil fuel industry hope to achieve by pushing back against the transition to renewable energy?

Guest: Russell Gold, investigative business journalist and senior editor at Texas Monthly, consultant for The "Power of Big Oil" a FRONTLINE documentary

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*This interview was recorded on Monday, May 9.

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