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This journalist traveled the world to document stories of people impacted by climate change

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Photo by Цвета Тишины from Pexels

Devi Lockwood’s goal is to advance climate conversations beyond the current stalemate by asking people around the world a simple question: "Tell me a story about climate change.”

The journalist spent five years traveling across twenty countries and six continents, often by bicycle, to document the firsthand stories of individuals and communities affected by floods, fires, droughts, rising sea levels and other natural disasters caused or worsened by changes in the global climate.

With this compilation of personal accounts, Lockwood offers a better understanding about the real-world impacts of climate change, the experiences of those most affected, and the urgent need to fight back against its destruction.

Guest: Devi Lockwood, journalist and author of "1001 Voices on Climate Change: Everyday Stories of Flood, Fire, Drought, and Displacement from Around the World"

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*This interview was recorded on Wednesday, December 7.

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