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Texas history is rife with inexplicable, unsolved disappearances

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Arcadia Publishing

In his newest publication, award-winning authorE.R. Bills unwinds a collection of vanishings throughout Texas history that continue to perplex investigators decades and even a century later.

The unsolved mysteries run the gamut, from the 1971 disappearance of three girls from a Fort Worth mall, a tanker that left Beaumont in 1963 with more than three dozen men aboard and never came back, a young boy from Wichita Falls gone without a trace in 1961, a Huntsville Penitentiary escapee who seemingly vanished in 1882, and many more.

What are the theories about what or who is to blame for these inexplicable disappearances?

Will these Texas mysteries ever be solved?

Guest: E.R. Bills, author of "Texas Oblivion: Mysterious Disappearances, Escapes and Cover-Ups"

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*This interview was recorded on Thursday, October 28.

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