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Child custody battles threaten to erode Native American rights and further a far-right agenda

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Crooked Media's This Land podcast
Crooked Media
Crooked Media's This Land podcast

In its second season, award-winning podcast "This Land" dives deep into a series of custody fights over Native American children to expose far-right efforts to dismantle tribes' rights and the legal structure defending them.

The Indian Child Welfare Act — which governs the removal of Native children from their tribal families in custody, foster care and adoption cases — is under attack from conservative groups that seek to weaken the federal laws that protect Native American rights.

In what ways could federal rulings on custody-related cases erode Native rights?

How and why is the far-right using these cases to further their agenda?

What can these legal battles tell us about systemic bias against Native culture?

Guest: Rebecca Nagle, host of the "This Land" podcast

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*This interview originally aired on Monday, October 11.

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