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Gov. Abbott Says He'll Build His Own Wall At The Border, Enforced By State Police

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Verónica G. Cárdenas

Gov. Abbott recently announced that he'll build a wall at the Texas-Mexico border, and that state police will arrest undocumented immigrants attempting to cross it, following a regional disaster declaration and moves to strip state licenses from shelters housing migrant children.

What are the details of the state’s proposed actions and policies for increased border security and immigration enforcement? What issues do they aim to address, and why now? Is there a “crisis” on the southern border, as Abbott claims? If not, what is his real motivation?

What are the details of these new immigration enforcement plans, and how have they been received? How do they compare to state-level previous efforts and outcomes?

Is there evidence that action on a wall will achieve a more secure border? Does Texas have the authority to do so?

Are these plans feasible for Texas? Do we know the cost or where will the money come from? Are there more efficient ways to tackle these issues?

Who should enforce immigration laws? Is it a federal or state responsibility? Will Abbott's plans draw legal challenges?


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*This interview was recorded on Tuesday, June 22.

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