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State Officials Investigate Allegation Of Lobbyist's Predatory Behavior Toward Texas Capitol Staffer

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Texas State Capitol in Austin.
Nicolas Henderson/Flickr
Texas State Capitol in Austin.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is investigating an allegation that an employee of an influential lobby organization used a date rape drug on at least one Capitol staff member.

What do we know about the criminal investigation so far? How are lawmakers reacting? What happens next?

Is there a pattern of violence and unwanted conduct against women at the Capitol? Why do existing rules related to procedures for sexual harassment reporting not apply to lobbyists?

In a letter to state leaders including Governor Greg Abbott, State Senator José Menéndez asked the Capitol to establish a hotline for staffers to anonymously report predatory behavior, as well as to regularly enforce sexual harassment and assault training.

Menéndez wrote: "To combat this type of predatory conduct, it will take more than training, it takes action. While we have seen progress in fighting this type of behavior through the 'Me Too' movement around the country, we need additional reform here at the Texas Capitol."


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*This interview was recorded on Tuesday, April 27.

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