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More Than A Dozen GOP Bills Would Further Restrict Texans' Abortion Access Or Ban It Outright

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A slew of anti-abortion bills were passed by the Texas Senate in late March that, if made law, would dramatically limit Texans' access to the procedure or ban it completely. They now move to the state's lower chamber, also controlled by a GOP majority.

Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick made Senate Bills 8 and 9 top priorities this legislative session. The former would ban abortion at six weeks into a pregnancy — before many women realize they are pregnant — and does not include an exception for rape or incest. SB 9, known as a “trigger ban,” would immediately outlaw abortion in Texas if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

Other measures would bar women from taking a pill to induce an abortion after 7 weeks of pregnancy; disallow the state from paying for things like child care and travel to or from an abortion provider; require a physician to present pregnant patients with a "pre-abortion resource access assistance offer"; and ban abortions where a severe fetal abnormality is detected.

What are the current laws and policies for abortion in Texas? How could these new bills impact women's reproductive health?

Is the passage of more restrictive laws inevitable in a Republican-controlled Texas Legislature?

What is the history of women’s reproductive health legislation and related legal challenges in the state?

How could action at the federal level impact what happens with abortion in Texas?


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*This interview will take place on Thursday, April 8.

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