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What happens when you become a parent to your parents? That's the question award-winning NPR journalist Kitty Eisele found herself answering when her mom died and she became a full-time caregiver for her dad.

Demented is a new podcast from Texas Public Radio chronicling the bewildering and poignant discoveries Eisele makes as she confronts the realities of elder care in America. It's an experience she shares with the 42 million other Americans who serve as unpaid caregivers for loved ones. She seeks advice and companionship for this often lonely journey from friends and experts, while maintaining a loving and funny relationship with the dad she genuinely admires.

Demented speaks to a vast audience of families wrestling with how to care for elders in a nation that doesn't offer much support. It is a wry, sensitive, honest look at how we help our loved ones live—and die—and what they mean to us.

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