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A year out of office, former Gov. Rick Perry has a new job: chief strategy officer at MCNA Dental, the largest privately held dental insurance company in the country, according to a spokesman for Perry.

The Florida-based insurer does business in Texas, and was a major donor to Perry’s presidential campaign.

Jeff Miller, a Perry aide, confirmed Perry’s new gig on Tuesday, as news broke that the longest-serving governor in Texas history was in Florida, meeting with Gov. Rick Scott.

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The University of Texas System expects its 14 schools to submit rules for concealed handguns on their campuses by mid-February to comply with the state's new campus-carry law, officials said in a press release Tuesday. 

The UT System Board of Regents will review the proposals, and will have the opportunity to change them, before official guidelines detailing where guns will be allowed and where they will not are finalized sometime this spring, the system said. 

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Almost a year ago, Gov. Greg Abbott was cheered for asking the Texas Legislature to make ethics the signature issue of its 2015 session. Five months later, they sent back a bill he disliked enough to veto.

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Three days after Gov. Greg Abbott called for a convention of states to amend the U.S. Constitution, his fellow high-ranking Republicans in Texas — typically quick to chime in with support for the governor — have kept uncharacteristically quiet about the proposal.

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WASHINGTON — In the more than 200 events he's held since launching his campaign for the White House 10 months ago, Ted Cruz has tested out an unorthodox strategy, one that could rewrite the rules of Republican presidential politics.

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In a fresh — but long shot — assertion of states’ rights, Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday called for a convention of U.S. states to pass nine new amendments to the U.S. Constitution, measures meant to limit the powers of the federal government.

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The next battle over gun rights in Texas may take place in an unlikely setting: the zoo.

A pair of new gun laws — one allowing license holders to openly carry handguns and another penalizing entities that improperly ban firearms on government-owned property — are posing a challenge for all institutions funded through private foundations but located on public property. 

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A Waller County grand jury will meet again Wednesday to continue considering charges in connection with the arrest and death of Sandra Bland.

Bland, a black woman from Illinois, was found hanged in a Waller County Jail cell on July 13, 2015, three days after being arrested during a traffic stop. Her death, ruled a suicide, galvanized loved ones, social justice organizations and critics across the country, raising questions about race and policing, jail safety standards and mental health awareness.

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Editor's note: This story has been updated throughout.

Amid an ongoing battle over Planned Parenthood’s participation in the state Medicaid program, Texas health officials are cutting off funding to a Planned Parenthood affiliate for an HIV prevention program.

In a notice received by Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast late Monday, an official with the Department of State Health Services informed the Houston-based provider that it would not renew its contract for HIV prevention services.

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TRUSSVILLE, Ala. — Ted Cruz woke up Sunday morning to a fresh barrage of charges of inconsistency from his Republican rivals for the White House, allegations that go far beyond his battle with Marco Rubio over their roles in the 2013 immigration debate.