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On Sunday, September 1, a bevy of new laws went into effect in Texas. The Texas Legislature passed over 800 laws during the 2019 session that range from less restrictions on open carry rules to the repeal of the state's Driver Responsibility Program.

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U.S. Attorney General William Barr has been outspoken on his negative views of some progressive large-city district attorneys. Should district attorneys be "tough on crime" like AG Barr says, or are there advantages to a more progressive approach?

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A joint city-county collaborative was recently tasked with coming up with a plan to curb the city's domestic violence epidemic. Twenty-nine people died as a result of domestic violence in Bexar County in 2018, and the number of murders by a male intimate partner continues to rise.


Lila Cockrell, the trailblazing former San Antonio mayor and first woman mayor of a major U.S. city, died Thursday, August 29, at age 97.

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Approximately 75,000 people in San Antonio don't use a personal vehicle to get around town, and pedestrians are particularly vulnerable on city streets. What's being done to improve pedestrian and micromobility experiences?

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In Texas, judges have oversight over the appointment and scheduling of court appointed attorneys for people who cannot afford to hire their own legal counsel. How does this affect the quality of representation for economically disadvantaged Texans?

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July was the hottest month on record for the world. San Antonio saw temperatures from 93-102 degrees Fahrenheit during the month of July.

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As San Antonio’s population continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, how is area highway infrastructure affected and what's being done to respond to increased demand? What ongoing and upcoming projects should commuters be aware of?

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is receiving more funding to meet increasing demands in the San Antonio district.

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The first cohort of Pre-K 4 SA students had better attendance and received higher third-grade STAAR exam scores than students who were not enrolled in public prekindergarten, according to new data.

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San Antonio often ranks as one of the most racially integrated cities overall, but a recent report finds the city's black and Hispanic communities are disproportionately affected by poverty – especially in four specific zip codes.