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A state's supreme court is the final arbiter when it comes to interpreting and setting precedents for state law and the last resort for civil appeals, but there's a lack of racial, ethnic, and gender diversity on benches across the U.S., including in Texas. How does this diversity deficit impact the judiciary and those it serves?

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A baby needs an average of 6-12 diapers daily and one in three mothers in the U.S. do not have an adequate supply. What's causing this gap? How does a lack of access to diapers affect health outcomes?

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There are multiple indicators of a still-healthy U.S. economy, but others that signal the possibility of a looming recession. What should you know about the national economy's ebb and flow and how to financially prepare for a recession?

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The fast-food industry is deeply engrained in American history and culture. How has the availability of quick, cheap grub changed how we think about buying and consuming food in America?

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Sugar relationships are promoted as mutually beneficial, agreed-upon arrangements -- a trade of time for money. How does the world of "sugaring" work and what's potentially at risk?

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Women in San Antonio still have a long way to go to achieve gender parity when it comes to the highest positions of corporate leadership in seven local industries, according to a new report.

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Twenty-nine people died as a result of two mass shootings in Texas last month. What is the response from Texans and their political representatives? Will these latest violent episodes move the needle on gun policy?

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Lawmakers get to redraw state and federal legislative district boundaries after every 10-year census count. A Texas redistricting committee is holding field hearings across the state ahead of 2021 mapmaking, including in San Antonio on Thursday.

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The Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority faced a slew of property and business owners in court on Wednesday, to defend its plan to start draining lakes McQueeny, Placid, Meadow and Gonzales on September 16.

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In his book "Beneath a Ruthless Sun," Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gilbert King tells a true story of corruption and institutional bigotry.