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Viral hepatitis causes more than a million deaths every year and this number's on the rise, but still nine of 10 people who are infected don't even know it.


With housing inventory low and demand high, it's officially a “seller's market" in San Antonio.

What should homeowners know before making a decision to sell?


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Hitting developmental milestones is crucial for a child's educational success. Missing certain markers can indicate a learning disability, which has the power to significantly impede a person's reading, writing, speaking and math skills. 

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Manufacturing helps drive Texas' economy, but this growing sector is also grappling with a nationwide labor shortage. Why is the industry so hungry for skilled workers and what's being done to fill the gap?


15 million Americans provide daily, unpaid care for a family member with dementia. Earlier this summer, San Antonio became one of three Texas cities with an official "dementia friendly" designation.

What's being done to improve quality of life for people living with dementia and the individuals who care for them?

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The legalization of hemp in Texas had unintended consequences. Determining the difference between now legal hemp and still illegal marijuana requires technology that's both expensive and hard to come by, so most big-city prosecutors – including in Bexar County – are dropping low-level pot charges until the state comes up with a fix.

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UTSA’s National Security Collaboration Center will focus on positioning San Antonio as a major player in cyber advancement under the direction of one of the country's foremost leaders for national security and cyber strategy, Brigadier General (Ret.) Guy Walsh.

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Ninety-year-old infrastructure that created Guadalupe County's six lakes is in dire need of repair and poses a significant safety risk. Four dams are at a high risk of collapse and two other spill gates have failed already.

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WEDNESDAY at noon on "The Source" — The White House no longer hosts daily press briefings, and President Trump has on numerous occasions called the media "the enemy of the people."

Former San Antonio-based reporter Brian Karem, who now writes about the White House for Playboy, shares what it's like to report on an unpredictable and often untruthful commander-in-chief and the challenges his administration presents for the press corps covering it.

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Former special counsel Robert Mueller will testify before the House Oversight and House Intelligence committees on Wednesday about his two-year investigation and subsequent report.