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Inauguration Day Reactions At St. Philip's College

Joey Palacios
Texas Public Radio
About 35 people attended an Inauguration Day watch party at St. Philip's College

Like thousands of people in Texas on Friday, students and staff at St. Philip’s College gathered around a big screen to watch the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump. Not everyone in the crowd supported Trump for president, but they're hoping he will work for everyone. 
About three dozen people watched the president’s inauguration on multiple projectors inside a St. Phillip’s common area.

“I don’t wish him any ill. I know he is starting with for some, high expectations, and for some, low expectations, and I think I’d be on the side of the low expectations, but you can go uphill from there,” says Jason Fabianke, a history instructor.

Student Damon Lake felt optimistic about Trump’s swearing in. Lake is the vice-president of the school’s student government association and believes President Trump has the support of the American people.

“He’s going out to represent us all, so I feel like we need to stand strong and support the leader of the free world that when he goes out into the free world, he can go out with confidence and represent us and make us great again," Lake says.

Trumps’ inauguration speech drew little applause from the St. Philip’s crowd. Marsha Hall, a St. Philip’s staff member says the president made a lot of promises in his inauguration speech. She hopes he will keep them. 

“Are you going to help us to help ourselves? I’m all about America being great again. I think that’s awesome. I just want to see how is he going to accomplish that," Hall says.