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Mission Road Power Plant Could Spark New Innovations

The Mission Road power plant was decommissioned in 2003, but a non-profit group called EPI-center is trying to give the massive building a new charge.
"EPIcenter is an innovation center focused on clean and renewable energy here in San Antonio, and it is in a hundred year-old power plant that's waiting to be re-developed into this amazing center," says Kimberly Britton, the group's CEO.
The massive red brick structure south of Roosevelt Park and north of the Mission Reach trailhead aspires to be something of a Geekdom for renewable energy. If the project's objectives seem a little ambiguous, Britton sees it otherwise.  

"Every vision is pie-in-the-sky until you deliver on it, right? I think it is certainly ambitious. It is a huge goal," she says. "It's about a $74 million project, our best estimates at this point. We have 22 million in assets, both in kind and cash. So that means a little more than 53 million left to raise to fund this project."
The project would take at least two years to build and Britton projects 2020 or 2021 for occupation of the building.